Rabbit Boarding

You can board your rabbit at The Rabbit Sanctuary. 


$15 deluxe cage on wheels with two shelves
$20 bunny playpen with bunny castle
$25 in-house free range

  • 24/7 Rabbit Sanctuary vets on call. 
  • Premium pellets and hays 
  • Rabbit expert for medications etc
  • Grooming included
  • Trim nails included 
  • Behaviour modification and training as required 
  • Rabbit bonding with a rescue rabbit of your choice if your bunny needs a friend.
  • Safe bunny boarding indoors in air conditioned comfort.
Some of our Rabbit Foster Carers also provide a rabbit boarding service. They make a donation to The Rabbit Sanctuary for each bunny boarding customer we refer.  FILL IN THE FORM BELOW TO BOOK RABBIT BOARDING ...