Rabbit Rescue News

Adorable rabbit set up

Posted by Kim Cooney on

We were tickled pink by our new adopter’s adorable set up where she’s used an old cupboard to make a hidey house and added one of our volunteer made Rabbit Castle Towers to it.

Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Spring Conference

Posted by Kim Cooney on

Learn all there is to know about pet rabbits. The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary is reaching out to pet rabbit owners & vets.

The more you learn about rabbit care; the more you can care for your rabbit🐰💕🐰

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Rabbits for Adoption

Posted by Kim Cooney on

Have a look at our rescue rabbits for adoption. We have so many bunnies waiting for good homes. See link on left menu.

New Fund Raiser Store

Posted by Kim Cooney on

Welcome to our new fundraising store for our rabbit rescue. 

We have ways on here for you to donate or to purchase rabbit products to help us such as donating rabbit pellets or paying for a bunny's vetwork on arrival.

Yes, all our rescue rabbits are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, vet health checked and parasite treated. This costs money but we want the bunnies to go to their new homes healthy and protected.